Seguro para el dueño del vehículo

Published on: 15-Jan 10:29am

All vehicles currently on the XrentY platform must have an active policy of broad coverage with a certified insurance company in Mexico.

This policy must cover any accident, damage or theft.

The deductible is defined in the XrentY platform, based on the highest deductible of the amount or percentage defined in the policy delivered by the Xrent at the time of uploading your vehicle. When a Renty selects that particular vehicle, the platform takes from the credit card the amount of the deductible defined as collateral, so that the Xrent is protected in case of loss or theft.

The Xrent must provide a copy of the insurance policy to his friend Renty at the time of delivery of the vehicle, with the required contact information (telephone, email, policy number, vehicle serial number).

If an accident happens, the Renty only should call the insurance company and report it, mentioning that he is using the vehicle on loan from the policy holder (his Xrent friend). You should also report it to your friend Xrent as soon as possible to inform him of any type of incident.

We recommend making an assessment of the Renty to which they will deliver their vehicle, requesting documents such as driver's license, voter's ID and / or passport. If you have any questions and prefer not to rent your vehicle, you can cancel the booking in the My Rents option in the menu (Cancel Order) or contact us to support them in validating payment information used by the Renty to validate that all the information is valid.

Our fraud control system is controlled by OpenPay BBVA Bancomer platform



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